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Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff (As of Apr. 2019)

Dean HONMA Toshio
Vice-Dean KINOSHITA Eiji
Vice-Dean OKAMURA Hiroaki
Vice-Dean YAMAGUCHI Toshinobu
Vice-Dean NIIDOME Yasuro
Director of Regional Value Creation Center YAMAGUCHI Toshinobu
Director of Amanogawa Galaxy Astronomy Research Center HANDA Toshihiro

Chairperson of Department (As of Apr. 2019)

Master’s Course Dept. of Mechanical Engineering KAMITANI Shunpei
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering HORIE Yuji
Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Engineering NIMIYA Hideyo
Dept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Engineering NII Susumu
Dept. of Ocean Civil Engineering YAMASHIRO Toru
Dept. of Information Science and Biomedical Engineering WANG Gang
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science ITOH Minoru
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy HIROI Masahiko
Dept. of Chemistry and Bioscience UCHIUMI Toshiki
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences YAMAMOTO Hiroshi
Doctoral Course Interdisciplinary Department of Science and Engineering KIKATA Junne