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Campus map

Campus map

Campus map

  1. Faculty of Engineering Central Research Facility
  2. Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Three
  3. Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Building
  4. Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Architectural Engineering
  5. Faculty of Engineering Electric and Electronic Engineering
  6. Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Laboratory One, Faculty of Engineering
  7. Faculty of Engineering Building One, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
  8. Faculty of Engineering Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Building One, Faculty of Engineering
  9. Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Laboratory One
  10. Faculty of Engineering Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Building Two
  11. Faculty of Engineering Ocean Wave Laboratory
  12. Faculty of Engineering Chemical Storage
  13. Faculty of Engineering Ocean Civil Engineering
  14. Faculty of Engineering Building of Information and Computer Sciences
  15. Faculty of Engineering Lecture Room & Student Offic, Faculty of Engineering
  16. Faculty of Engineering Innovation Center, Faculty of Engineering
  17. The Kagoshima University Museum
  18. Building One, Faculty of Science [Administration Office, Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Laboratory, Lecture Hall]
  19. Building Two, Faculty of Science [Mathematics and Computer Science, Chemistry and Bioscience, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Laboratory, Lecture Hall]
  20. Building Three, Faculty of Science [Chemistry and Bioscience, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Laboratory, Lecture Hall]
  21. General Science Research Building [Frontier Science Research Center, Educational Research Facility]
  22. General Education Building Three [Science Research Lab]
  23. General Education Building Four [Science Research Lab]

Campus facilities

Inamori Auditorium

A.Inamori Auditorium

The honorary chairman of Kyocera Corporation, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, donated the Inamori Auditorium. The faculty administrates the auditorium for the purpose of education and researches.
This facility is used to promote academic activities such as conferences, symposia, and lectures.

Natural Science Center for Research and Education, Kagoshima University

B.Natural Science Center for Research and Education, Kagoshima University

The Natural Science Center for Research and Education has four main facilities housing highly advanced research and laboratory equipment. The Division of Instrumental Analysis, which controls the efficient and smooth sharing of the large scale high performance equipment. The Division of Gene Research has a fully equipped lab for conducting research and education related to genetic analysis. The Division of Laboratory Animal Science offers splendid facilities for research and education of experimental animals and animal experiments. It also does the quality control and safety management of experimental animals to achieve the optimal operation of animal experiments. The Division of Isotopes is for the promotion of research and education using radioactive isotopes and radiation. It is also responsible for the safety management of all radiation facilities at Kagoshima University.

Kagoshima University Library

C.Kagoshima University Library

Kagoshima University Library consists of three libraries: The Central Library (in Korimoto), the Medical Library (in Sakuragaoka), and the Fisheries Library (in Shimoarata). A vast collection of academic resources is available for use in learning and research. These three libraries are open not only to our students and faculty but also to our neighbors in the community.
For years we have been focusing to improve the libraries’ learning commons functions, to broaden the scope of the document information database, and electronic resources such as e-journals.
The Kagoshima University Repository offers free access to the compilation of the university’s research fruits for domestic and foreign users electrically.
Among its collection, the library possess“Tamazato Bunko,”a collection of rare manuscripts and old books formerly owned by Hisamitsu Shimazu and the Tamazato Shimazu family, a branch of Shimazu clan. Part of the collection is open to the public once a year.

Health Service Center

D.Health Service Center

The center is in charge of maintaining and improving the health of our students and faculty staffs and planning health service schedules.
In addition to three full-time doctors and three nurses stationed at the center, the medical specialists of Kagoshima University Hospital (from the internal medicine, neuropsychiatry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otorhinology, gynecology, and dentistry departments) offer health counseling services. Psychiatric consultation and counseling are provided by part-time clinical psychologists and psychology teaching staff from the faculty of law and the faculty of education who serve as counselors.
The centers’ another responsibility is conducting researches. It takes part in the development of quit-smoking programs and reservation system of regular general check-ups as well as in the digitization and analysis of diagnostic data.

International Residence Hall

E.International Residence Hall

The first building was completed in April 1979 and the second in October 1994. It is available for international students and researchers who learn, teach or research at kagoshima University.
The residence helps to mate with international friends and colleagues.

Kagoshima University International Lodge

F.Kagoshima University International Lodge

This lodge has been prepared for overseas scholars and guests visiting Kagoshima University. There are three building with a total of 22 single rooms on Shimoarata campus. Building A was donated as a part of the commemorative project celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kagoshima University’s foundation, and was completed in December 2003 (2-storied steel framework building; a total floor area of 502㎡; a total of 16 rooms). After the joint research was over in 2009, the buildings have been used as Buildings B and C (2-storied, light-gage steel sheet metal type building; a total floor area of 185.48㎡; a total of 6 rooms).

Student Community Plaza

G.Student Community Plaza

The Student Community Plaza was completed in August, 2013 in the hope to cultivate progressive sprits in students of Kagoshima University. It was constructed to provide space for students to study, communication and self-development. This architecture is comprised of three buildings; The Student Community Plaza, the Student Club Center and the Student Center. The Student Community Plaza houses a study lounge, group learning rooms, a food court, a book store and a convenience store. In the Student Club Center, there are 24 rooms for club activities, meeting rooms, and a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 200 visitors. This also enables the interchange between different club members. The Student Center has been recently renovated to meet the new earthquake standards. This center, housing Japanese style rooms, a traditional Japanese tea room, music practice rooms and a lounge, provides the students a basis for extra-curricular activities.