Science and Engineering
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Master’s Program

◎Engineering Cource

Mecanical Engineering Production Engineering
Energy Engineering
Mechanical System Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electronic Device Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Communication System Engineering
Architecture and Architectural Engineering Architectural Design
Environmental Design
Structural Design
Ocean Civil Engineering Environmental Systems Engineering
Construction Systems Engineering
Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Engineering Applied Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Information Science and Biomedical Engneering Information Systems Engineering
Cognitive Biomedical Systems

◎Science Cource

Mathematics and Computer Science Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Chemistry and BioScience Molecular Photonics and Colloid Science
Organic and Biological Chemistry
Earth and Environmental Sciences Space Science
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Biology and Bio-Science
Physics and Astronomy Physics

Doctoral Program

Material Science and Production Engineering Material Science
Structual Design
Industrial Process Engineering
System Information Science Intellectual Information Engineering
Systematic Control Engineering
Environmental System Engineering
Natural Science Space Environment
Global Environment
Natural Science